Welcome to Dublinbus Stuff.com

This webpage began as a weekend of nothingness a few years back. HTML got the better of me and I gave up. Timetables in HTML are horrible. However, after a few years I have found the passwords again and I can start using this site properly for the first time.

The site will still look at route history, however since this sites first inception much has changed in terms of the sort of history that I can provide. I hope to include as many timetables as I can on this site. This will be a long process but I will hopefully keep updating this time. HTML will be thrown away and gif or some other form of images will be used.

Newly equipped with a camera I hope to include as many photo features as I possibly can, but the main aim of this site will be to provide as much route history as possible. However plain text websites are no fun, so hopefully I can include some nice pics too, though current as opposed to historical.

Another thing I intend doing is to include a video along with each feature to detail some/all of the route in question. As a route enthusiast I do this for my own reference, but hopefully somebody else can also enjoy them too.

As can be seen, my HTML knowledge has yet to improve from this sites humble beginnings, and the website still is a bit shabby looking. Hopefully with a bit of effort I can change that.

N.B. This website is not affiliated with Dublin Bus. The information contained herein is intended for enthusiast reference. For all current timetable and route information please refer to the official Dublin Bus Website.