Brighton September 2009:

Dublinbusstuff found itself in Brighton in September 2009. Brighton & Hove Bus Company is a prominent company in bus enthusiasm, being at the forefront of many modern inovations in the bus provision industry. Recall their website is indicating their early take up of website information provision. This feature will give a brief taste of bus operations in Brighton but for those who have a keen interest in Brighton and Hove operations or in how a bus company can encourage enthusiasm please visit the website above. It really is a fantastic website and Brighton and Hove need much credit for it.

Brighton & Hove's No. 667 "Dame Clara Butt", a 2006 delivered Scania N94UD OmniDekka with East Lancs bodywork is operating Route 57 to East Saltdean on North Street on the 6/9/2009.

Brighton and Hove do not have a fleet class system, as is implemented in Dublin, each bus being given a fleet number. The fleet numbers can however be distinctive of type, the 200's for example being single deckers of various types.However, their new buses also are titled with a name of a famous individual associated with the Brighton and Hove operating area. For example 667 above is named "Dame Clara Butt" after a famou singer at the turn of the 20th Century.

One of the more famous names appearing on a city bus is that of Rudyard Kipling:

Bus No. 869 "Rudyard Kipling", a Plaxton President Dennis Trident from 2002, seen at Brighton Marina operating a 27A to Hangleton on the 6/9/2009.

Both of the buses above have "I'm on the Bus" adverts for the bus company. Local people who use and endorse the company are placed on the side of a bus with their endorsement explaining why they use Brighton and Hove Services. There are currently 71 such examples on Brighton's streets.

No. 658 "Clementina Black", a 2005 built Scania N94UD OmniDekka with East Lancs bodywork, is seen on Queen's Road, awaiting its departure on Route 50 to Hollingdean on the 6/9/2009.

No. 656 "Dame Henrietta Barnett", a 2005 built Scania N94UD OmniDekka with East Lancs bodywork, is seen on North Street, operating Route 24 to Hollingbury on the 6/9/2009.

No. 657 "Wynne Baxter", a 2005 built Scania N94UD OmniDekka with East Lancs bodywork, is seen on Western Road, operating Route 22 to Woodingdean on the 6/9/2009.

As can be seen from the photos above, Brighton and Hove implement a Route Branding for some of its routes. Route 49 is one of these routes and operates "up to every 6mins". However just as when Dublin had its route branding it appears that buses stray from their allocated route. Numbers 656, 657 and 658 are all branded for Route 49 and appeared on a variety of routes on the 6th September. However it should be noted that this was a Sunday and mid-week observations obeyed the route branding to a much higer level. For example the allocation to Route 50 were Scania Omnilink K230 single-deckers, however a good shot of one of these was not obtained.

One of the older vehicles in the fleet, No. 816 "Sir Herbert Carden", a Dennis Trident with East Lancs Lolyne bodywork built in 1999, is seen operating Route 7 to Brighton Marina on the 6/9/2009.

Some buses however did make it out on their correct routes on the 6th September. No. 816 seen here at Brighton Marina. Another bus allocated to its correct route was brand new (well this year) No. 709 branded for Metro 5 ( Hangleton - Hove - Brighton - Patcham or Hollingbury) which consists of 3 routes 5/A/B operating up to every 5 mins. No. 709 is a Scania Omnicity CN270UD. The Omnicity is a striking vehicle with its small front headlights and rear light gray mouldings.

No. 709 "Maude Ottoway" is seen operating Route 5B to Hangleton on the 6th Spetmeber 2009.

A rear shot of No. 709.

The rear shot of No. 709 shows how Brighton specifies its buses to have full destinations on the fron, side and rear. No. 709 shows the full rear destination, the photo of No. 816 showing the side destination display, albeit failry covered overed by the reflection of the double-yellow line from the roadway.

Brighton and Hove also operate a sightseeing service around the main attractions of Brighton. Two buses operate during summer months giving a 30min frequency. It trades under the City Sightseeing franchise name. No. 819 "Henry Allignham", a Dennis Trident 2 East Lancs Lolyne of 1999 vintage, is operating the sightseeing tour on the 6th September 2009.

No. 819 at Brighton Marina on the 6th September 2009.

No. 665 "Jack Jenkins", Scania N94UD OmniDekka with East Lancs Bodywork built in 2005, is seen on Marine Parade operating the 12A to Eastbourne on the 6/9/2009.

No. 686 "Chris Moyles", a 2007 built Scania N270UD OmniDekka with East Lancs bodywork, is seen on Queen's Road, awaiting its departure on Route 50 to Hollingdean on the 6/9/2009.

No. 847 "Earl of Egremont", a Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident, is operating Route 7 at Brighton Marina on the 6/9/2009.

There are a few scattered operators in the Brighton area, the most notable presence being that of Stagecoach. However the services are more intercity in nature though the 700 is operated by city buses. The 700 operates from Brighton to Portsmouth & Southsea or Arundel.

Stagecoach No. 35258, an ADL Pointer2 bodied Dart SLF, is seen on North Street operating Route 700 to Arundel on the 10th September 2009. Also in view is one of Brighton's Real Time information displays which are really impressive from observations.

Stagecoach No. 15158, a Alexander Dennis Trident, is operating "Coastliner" Route 700 to Southsea from Brighton's Pool Valley Bus Station on the 6th September 2009.

One of the more interesting components to the bus system in Brighton was a set of Indian architecture bus shelters. Situated in front of the Royal Pavillion, an Indian style palace, these bus stops try to blend in with their surroundings and make them quite unusual in appearance. However the bus stops being due North prevented me from ever getting a good shadow free shot. Unfortunately I was plagued with glorious sunshine my whole time in Brighton, bus enthusiasts can put a negative on everything.

No. 705 "John Connor", a 2008 Scania Omnicity CN270UD, is seen operating Route 5B to Hollingbury on Old Steine on the 10th September 2009.

Photo showing a bus shelter in front of the Brighton Pavillion. Goes to show now bus shelter is too fancy to have a traffic cone on top.

Finally in a dublinbusstuff tradition of finishing with the more unusual, I finish with a picture of the Volk's Electric Railway, the oldest electric railway operating in the world, opening in part in 1883.

Car No. 9, dating from 1910, is seen arriving at the Brighton Pier Station on the 10th September 2009.

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