Photo of the Week - Week 46:

Donnybrook's SG485 is seen at the Belarmine terminus of Route 47 on the 26th October 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

Belarmine is a large estate nestled at the foot of the Dublin mountains in Stepaside. It has always been underserved in terms of buses, and has never had a direct bus service to the closest shopping district, namely Dundrum. It first got a bus service back in April 2005, when the 117 and 118 were rerouted to serve Belarmine. A single 44 departure from the city was used to line up one of the departures, the only time Belarmine and Dundrum were linked up by a bus service, though a 0640 outbound departure is hardly convenient. Then in June 2006, the 46B had a few departures added to/from Belarmine, with buses following the 46B route to Sandyford Industrial Estate before continuing on to Belarmine. In September 2008, the 47 was introduced operating from Belarmine to Donnybrook Garage only, the 46B and 118 removed from Belarmine, with the one 117 departure being the only city service from the estate. At the same time the 115 was extended to Belarmine, which provided one return service to Blackrock, though by mid-2009 both it and the 117 were withdrawn. With the Stillorgan Road Network Direct in September 2010, the 47 was extended to the city via Ballsbridge. However it was rerouted again in May 2012 via Sandymount with the 3s withdrawal from Belfield. Passengers from Belarmine, in the middle of the day, are given a true 90mins tour of the city, from Belarmine, back into Stepaside, towards Sandyford Industrial Estate and into Stillorgan, a large detour via Mount Merrion before heading to Belfield flyover, Nutley Lane, then Sandymount and Ringsend to the city. But hope is insight. The bus connect plan will finally give Belarmine a bus service direct to the city via Dundrum and Ranelagh.

Donnybrook's SG485 is seen at the Belarmine Avenue departure stop of Route 47 on the 26th October 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

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