Photo of the Week - Week 4:

Harristown's DT7 is seen operating Route 17A on the Kilbarrack Road on Saturday the 21st January 2012.

The DT class buses are such a rarity with Harristown formermly strickly allocating them to peak hour Euro duties Monday to Friday, docking them for the weekend. Very seldom did they stray, and when they did there was never any logic to it. However, with the transfer of RV570 and RV573 to Ringsend, and the withdrawal of their remaining RV570s, Harristown have less RVs for the 17A. So for the past two weeks, the DT class has helped out on the 17A. On the 21st January, two DTs were out, DT3 and DT7.

Harristown's DT3 is seen turning off Kilbarron Road on Route 17A on the 21st January 2012.

However, DTs being DTs they didn't make it easy for photos. The 17A is a bad route for chasing, in that its very long and being an orbital, drivers break in the garage instead of handing over. Hence there is no logic to it and a lot of the time the buses are running light. Three times I was scuppered trying to get a shot at the prospective termini, as the DTs dissappeared. A difficult day's chasing, but at least I got a few shots.

Harristown's DT7 is seen turning off the Ballymun Road on Route 17A on the 21st January 2012.

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