Photo of the Week - Week 42:

Donnybrook's Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Volvo B9Tl, EV36, operating a very rare service on Route 48A is seen on the Milltown Road on the 20th October 2010.

I always try to find an interesting shot for image of the week. This week I've chosen EV36 on the Milltown Road operating Route 48A. To be honest Low Floor buses are a rarity along this stretch of road, never mind an EV class. I can honestly say I have never seen one on this route before, and therefore I felt it was worthwhile to chase.

The shot will have to be excused, its handheld in the dark, twilight was hanging on by its fingertips when this shot was taken. But the rarity of the occurance makes up for it. As for the 48A goodness knows whether it will survive the chopping board of the Network Review. A famous route, it suffers terribly from traffic. The author had intended getting a shot of EV36 in Dundrum but it took 45mins just to get to Milltown, so this location had to do. Thankfully there were waiting passengers as a moving shot would not have come out in the dark.

As per all Images of Weeks recently a second shot is enclosed. This time DublinbusStuff has made it out to Dundrum for AV197 operating an afternoon service to Ballinteer. The 48A is typically RV operated but AVs are not unusual. Behind is a 14A operating to the city.

Donnybrook's Alexander ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TL, AV197, is seen on Dundrum Main Street operating a Route 48A departure to Ballinteer on the 24th June 2010.

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