The End of the DT Class:

My last ever DT photo, also one of a few night DT shots I have. DT7 is seen operating Route 38A on O'Connell Street on the 4th December 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

This week marked the end of the DT-class (Dennis Trident) with Dublin Bus. The first DT, DT2, entered service from Broadstone Depot operating Route 19/A on the 28th August 2003, the rest following soon after. Dublin Bus' choice of Tridents in 2003 was unusual, having being solely Volvo (before that Leyland) since its inception (except for minibuses). Dennis had given some Trident demonstrators before the major low-floor order in 2000, but had not seen any orders. With 58 Alexander ALX400's ordered in 2003, 48 were Volvo (AVs) and 10 were Tridents. The DTs operated almost exclusively on the 19/A until the opening of Harristown Depot in October 2004, when they moved there. Being unusual, they were segregated from the general allocation of Harristown, left exclusively for "Euro" peak-hour operation. And so it remained for the last 13-years of their operation, with occasional day-time operation Monday-Friday, most notably on Route 17A. For such a small fleet, the DTs did however make appearances on quite a lot of routes. From the author's recollection (I'm sure there were others): 4/A, 10/A, 13/A, 15, 16/A, 17A, 19/A, 20B, 25A, 27/B/C, 31A, 33B/D/X, 37, 38/A/C/D, 39/A/B/C/X, 40/A/B/D, 41/A/C/X, 43, 46A, 70/A/X, 83/A, 102, 120, 123, 127, 128, 129, 140, 142, 220, 230, 236, 237, 238, 239, 270. The Blanchardstown and Swords Euros were their principle haunts, most of the other non-Harristown routes above being one-hit wonders, but with the buses and their drivers being spare for most afternoons, there were some incredible surprises.

DT2 seen operating the 0930 ex Burlingtown Road Route 70 to Dunboyne on the 4th August 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

DT2 book-ended the DT class operation in Dublin Bus. Having been the first, it was also the last in operation on Thursday 14th December 2017. DT2 operated the 10th Harristown Euro that morning (a near always DT operated departure in recent times), whose morning consisted of the 0750 from Dunboyne followed by the 0930 from Burlington Road. The bus would have pulled back into Harristown at approximately 11am. It's not known if it was the only one out on the last day, the RTPI not coming back online that morning until 930am, so if any went out for early morning Euros they would have been missed. But the majority had been withdrawn on the Wednesday. It was quite an ignominious end for the class, a random Thursday morning. The WV-class suffered much the same fate recently. DT7 won't be the last photo of these buses I will take in Dublin, but they will no longer be the DTs of Dublin Bus. They will be missed, their rarity was an interesting part of the hobby, the SGs just aren't the same (albeit so much more modern and comfortable).

The last DT I ever travelled on, having boarded it after this photo. DT5 is seen at Swords Pavillions operating an afternoon 41C Euro on the 4th December 2017. This departure (1355 from Swords Manor) was near exclusively DT operated in recent times, and this trip did not dissappoint, the driver using the powerful Trident engine to the fullest of its abilities (click on photo for larger version).

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