Photo of the Week - Week 15:

Clontarf's GT71, making a very rare appearance on Route 27, is seen on St. Luke's Avenue on the 13th April 2014.

GT71 spent today on the 27, an unusual Route for a GT. Ringsend do occasionally allocate a GT, though more often to the other Crumlin Road routes 56A and 77A. However, it is quite rare for Clontarf to allocate a GT to the 27. GT71 was Bus 1 today, its pull out early, being just after 8am, possibly being the reason given Clontarf is such a cramped garage and this may have been near the front. It made something interesting to photo on a weekend of reasonably poor light.

GT71 is seen on O'Connell Bridge turning onto Eden Quay on Route 27 on the 13th April 2014.

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