Photo of the Week - Week 38:

Harristown's SG276 is seen on its first day of service on a morning Euro service on Route 39A at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on the 7th September 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

Following the early delivery of SG271 for evaluation, entering service on the 24th July 2017, September has been seeing a large influx of Harristown's batch of SG271-288. This began on the 7th September when SG274 and SG276 entered service, as shown in the photo above. As of today (Sat 23rd September), all but SG277-281 have entered service. With this large influx of vehicles, its unclear what exactly Harristown have withdrawn. The DTs have been long muted as going upon arrival of this batch of buses, but this week, the whole batch DT1-10 were in service. There are a few new services, such as the new Harristown operated 25Ds, DT1 even managing an evening departure on Route 25D on Wednesday, and the DCU routes are back, but still one would think Harristown have sufficient buses to start withdrawing. Even AV279, AV281 and AV282 were in operation late last week. Of further note is that the arrival of SG29x has also been taken place but none as of yet have entered service. These are destined for Phibsborough and though one or two have been seen on the streets (for example Culture night), none have yet to see active operation. One would think they will next week.

Still soldiering on, DT10 is seen operating Route 39 on Waterloo Road on the 31st August 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

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