Photo of the Week - Week 8:

Summerhill's AV124 is seen at the Shanard Road terminus of Route 16, with stickers indicating its newly enabled wifi-service, on the 19th February 2012.

This week's feature starts off with some personal bad news as I note the passing of my Canon G12. By far the greatest compact camera that has ever graced my posession, it truely is the perfect companion for the bus enthusiast who likes getting around without lugging around a gigantic DSLR. Its discreteness also enabled photos in areas where a DSLR would be considered brave, in fact photos were taken in places where walking at any time would be considered brave. WV52's shocking appearance on Route 14 yesterday afternoon, and my subsequent quick disembarkment from the 16A I was on without checking to see if I'd left anything behind, left my Canon G12 behind most likely sitting on my seat. Sprinting as fast as I could I did get on the same bus, AV122, at the next stop to find that yes the camera had gone. I can't say I was surprised, though pissed off at my own stupidity. That said WV52 had completely taken over my thought process. Reaching for my camera to realise it wasn't there was a horrible moment.

Yesterday I was out taking photos of the newly Wifi equipped AV121-130. It was strange to note that in all my years of taking pictures of buses, now approaching 150gigs of material and circa 30,000 photos later, there are some buses that I have never photographed. I suppose we all have buses that ellude us, and one example for me was AV125. I was delighted yesterday to find AV125 show up on a 16 to Ballinteer, some great terminus shots later and I made my way back for AV122 on the 16A, also wifi enabled. The plan was to go to the airport, but WV52 showed up on the Beaumont Road. I had to get off as fast as my legs could carry me, unfortunately my legs were also not carrying my camera. Photos from the last week gone with the memory card too. So still no photos of AV125, though at least I can now say I've taken some.

As for the free wifi on these buses it is a great concept, though it should be noted that AV125's wifi was a whole lot better than AV122's. A simple questionaire has to be answered on first logging in, but on subsequent logins, no matter which vehicle, it remembers you've already filled it and you just have to tick an agree to terms box. On my journey on AV125, the driver made a very professional announcement with regards to the availability of free wifi. Another example of Dublin Bus operating staff going that extra mile with regards to passenger well being. Its interesting in many ways that the 16 was chosen, or more specifially that this batch was chosen for the 16 wifi trial. This batch mainly appears on the 16A, 41/C, the 16 maybe having one or two examples a day. And so it has proved over the last few days. So maybe the 16A should be added to the trial information, because probability dictates that you'll be more likely to get wifi on this route.

Donnybrook's WV52 is seen operating the 63 on Clonkeen Road on a wet 24th June 2011.

WV52's appearance on the 14 was strange. It had started the day on the first 44B from Glencullen, then presumably did a few laps on the 44 before being parked in Townsend Street. In the afternoon, a bus that works some morning laps on the 61 gets parked up in the city before being taken onto a 14 board. It appears this 61 bus may have been taken in place of WV52 on the 44 leaving this as the only the WV available. After getting home I decided to get an old camera out with the concept that having lost my G12 for a photo of WV52 I may try and at least get one. I had jumped from the 16A under the assumption that WV52 would not stay out long. The assumption proved correct, as it returned as AX466 after its half a lap, presumably being swapped in Dundrum. It just wasn't my day.

Thankfully a renowned enthusiast friend has come to my rescue with a lend of another camera, which as can be seen from the photo taken of AV124 is quite a decent piece of kit. The waiting game begins on Canon's next compact offering, the G1X, which should be available in the next month or so. It makes me feel slightly better that I'm at least upgrading, buying another G12 would feel a lot worse, even if it is an amazing camera. This same renowned enthusiast may have insinuated that similarities were appearing between my site and some other Dublin Bus sites, I suppose to be expected given the Network Direct focus at the moment. So I finish with a rare shot of a WV on the 145, something that hasn't appeared on any site in a long time if memory serves me right ☺.

Donnybrook's WV51 is seen on Graton Street operating Route 145 to Kilmacanogue on the 20th October 2011.

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