Photo of the Week - Week 37:

Phibsborough's AV446 is seen at the Ashington Terminus of Route 122 on the 26th October 2013.

The latest round of bus wraps have hit Dublin's streets, this time in the form of Oreo biscuits. I can't say I'm found of the design of the wrap, it been very difficult from the side to tell what brand is being advertised. The "Mega-Twist" campaign has also seen a lot of mega-rears applied to other buses in the fleet. The total cost of the advertising is 150,000, provided free of charge to the PHD media agency due to their success in winning the JC Decaux's "Fame" campaign. Maybe it is the gratuity of the space that has lead to the wrap being so drab.

Harristown's AX551 is seen operating Route 15 in its new wrap on the Malahide Road on the 29th October 2013.

A rear shot of Phibsborough's AV446 on O'Connell Street while operating Route 122.

The buses so far in the livery are Phibsborough's AV446, Ringsend's AX490, Donnybrook's AX532 and Harristown's AX551. It is believed that a Summerhill AX may join these also. The side of the bus appears to show some Dublin Landmarks, though it is hard to make out any detail. It is however a cityscape of blue on a white background which brings back memories of the "Denny Bus", DF785, which was painted in such a style to celebrate Dublin's millennium year in 1988 (see here). I think the stronger colours of the Denny Bus made it stand out from those grey Dublin skys a lot more that this light blue and white does. The wrap is also limited due to the constraint that the front must remain in the fleet livery. The front of any bus is the most noticeable part. The three-sided AOAs seem to fade into insignificance.

Ringsend's AX490 is seen operating Route 77A on College Green on the 27th October 2013.

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