Photo of the Week - Week 12:

Ringsend's AV252 is seen turning right from North Circular Road onto Dorset Street on a very diverted Route 27 on St. Patrick's Day 2012.

The most noticeable aspect of Network Direct has been the expansion of cross city services. Though opening up important links, it does become fairly problematic on days where large parts of the City Centre are closed, namely St. Patrick's Day. Phibsborough/Broadstone and Westland Row/Gardiner Street become the two main corridors across the city. This results in a number of diversions. The Broadstone/Church St routing away from the city was used solely by Route 123 over the last few years, but this year it was joined by the 27, 13 and 40. The 27 was the most interesting. Its routing was from Edenmore as normal to Amiens Street, then via Talbot Street to Gardiner Street, Dorset Street, North Circular Road, Phibsborough Road, Constitution Hill, Church Street, Bridge Street, Cornmarket, Francis Street and back onto normal route to Jobstown. How strange it was to see Ringsend buses in Phibsborough, though due to Clontarf's reasonably limited coverage on the 27 during Sunday mornings I was unable to get a photo of a Clontarf bus well out of territory.

Ringsend's, recently LED'd AV211, is seen on Church Street operating Route 27 on a Paddy's Day Diversion on the 17th March 2012.

Summerhill's EV37 is seen making the left turn from the North Circular Road onto Phibsborough Road on the 17th March 2012.

Harristown's AV338 is seen rising up Constitution Hill on a Harristown bound Route 13 service on the 17th March 2012.

The VTs were out, again unusual for a Sunday service, but this was no ordinary Sunday. In fact it was a Saturday, and more importantly, it was Patrick's Day. Finding VTs out of their comfort zone is always interesting. Due to their size, professional drivers will always take wide lines through corners. This really helps for photographs. VT11 is seen below making an unusual turn from Dorset Street onto North Circular Road while VT brings back memories as it turns from Grattan Bridge onto Essex Quay. Its a long time since Luas works stopped the 39 from making this turn. Long before the VTs and it must be said that the Ps and RAs made this turn a lot easier. The Liver building as always making a lovely backdrop.

Donnybrook's VT11 is seen operating Route 46A on Dorset Street on the 17th March 2012.

Phibsborough's VT58 is seen turning onto Essex Quay on Route 39 on the 17th March 2012.

The other main corridor away from St. Patrick's festivities was Gardiner Street (which as per above was accessed by a number of Routes from Phibsborough via the North Circular Road), Memorial Bridge, City Quay, Westland Row, Merrion Square North/East, Fitzwilliam Place, Adelaide Road. On return a different routing was in use Hatch Street, Earlsfort Terrace, St. Stephen's Green, Dawson Street, Nassau Street, Lincoln Place, Westland Row, Pearse Street, Tara Street, Beresford Place, Gardiner Street.

Donnybrook's AV265 is seen on Fitzwillaim Place heading onto Adelaide Road on cross city Route 14 on the 17th March 2012.

Ringsend's EV5 is seen on a diverted Route 49 on Hatch Street on the 17th March 2012. Pearse Street is not the destination, with Kildare Street being the destination of choice on this particular day.

Ringsend's AV385 is seen on City Quay operating a diverted Route 15 service to Stocking Avenue on the 17th March 2012.

Harristown's VG22 is seen passing under the ornate Westland Row displaying Route 83C though heading southbound with passengers on the 17th March 2012.

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