Review of 2017:

DT2 is seen operating a 41X service to Knocksedan on St. Stephen's Green on the 31st August 2017. 2017 was the final year of DT operation. Though cluttered, the background is topical for 2017 with the opening of the Luas Cross City line to Boombridge (click on photo for larger version).

This feature is a 6-part series looking at 2017. DublinBusStuff attempts to cover all the pertinent events throughout the year, however its impossible to cover everything. For this reason, this review will attempt to provide a full list of fleet and route changes in 2017. (NOTE: Entry dates are first day of service, withdrawal dates are last day of service)

At the start of the year, the Dublin Bus Fleet was as follows:

  • Clontarf:
    AV284-AV287, AV315-AV316, AV334-AV335, AV346, AV362, AV416-AV417;
    EV9-EV20, EV75-EV89;
    GT60-GT71, GT114-GT119;
    SG38-SG45, SG125-SG130, SG198-SG207.
  • Conyngham Road:
    AV294-AV295, AV297-AV298, AV351-AV361, AV363, AV399-AV413;
    AX532-AX533, AX602-AX610;
    EV51-EV60, EV64;
    GT22-GT31, GT120-GT127;
    SG71-SG85, SG261-SG270.
  • Donnybrook:
    AV330-AV332, AV344-AV345, AV347-AV350, AV387-AV394, AV398;
    AX464-AX468, AX521-AX528, AX534-AX543, AX545, AX554-AX555, AX611-AX619;
    EV23-EV36, EV90-EV100; GT1-21, GT81-GT100;
    SG15-SG37, SG110-SG124, SG223-SG244;
    NOTE: AX398, AX542, AV543 in Coastal Tours livery.
  • Harristown:
    AV279, AV282-AV283, AV321-AV326, AV328, AV341-AV343, AV377-AV380, AV418-AV419, AV447-AV448;
    AX451-AX458, AX497-AX509, AX516, AX535-AX536, AX546-AX548, AX550-AX553, AX556, AX620-AX625;
    EV43-EV45, EV65-EV74;
    GT32-GT49, GT128-GT142;
    SG46-SG70, SG146-SG185;
  • Phibsborough:
    AV314, AV364-AV376, AV381-AV382, AV430-AV440, AV446;
    AX449-AX450, AX557-AX601;
    SG1-SG14, SG131-SG145, SG217-SG222, SG251-SG260;
    AV24, AV65-AV68, AV93, AV96, AV116-AV117, AV172, AV176, AV179, AV441-AV442, AV445;
    AX496, AX510-AX515;
  • Ringsend:
    AV317-AV320, AV383-AV386, AV414-AV415;
    AX459-AX461, AX469-AX495, AX517-AX520, AX529-AX531;
    EV1-EV8, EV61-EV63;
    GT72-GT80, GT101-GT113;
    SG86-SG97, SG208-SG216, SG245-SG250.
  • Summerhill:
    AV336-AV340, AV395-AV397, AV420-AV429;
    AX462-AX463, AX549, AX626-AX637;
    EV22, EV37-EV42, EV46-EV48;
    SG98-SG109, SG186-SG197.
    AV63-AV64 (Ghost Tour);
    AX544 (1916 Tour).

  • AV308 is seen operating Route 66X on Nassau Street on the 31st May 2017. This photo would no longer be possible for a number of reasons. Firstly AV308 was withdrawn with delivery of the 2017 SGs, while the 66X no longer serves Nassau Street due to terrible planning conflicts with the Luas Cross service (click on photo for larger version).

    January began with the re-entry into service of AV327 (on the 3rd January) and AV329 (on the 12th January) in Donnybrook. These had been stored in Donnybrook at the turn of the year. Both were withdrawn from service on the 13th January. AX545 had been withdrawn from service briefly after Christmas 2016 for a repaint from Wedding Bus livery. It returned to active service in Donnybrook on the 25th January. The 26th January saw the last day of operation of WV50, it having operated both the morning and evening departures on Route 44B on that day. On the 27th, WV51 returned to active service having been off service for a number of weeks for a refurberation. Finally, from a fleet perspective, Conyngham Road withdrew AV294 from service on the 27th January.

    January also saw the extension of two 41X services each way to serve Knocksedan. Inbound, the 0725 and 0750 (via Glen Ellan) services were ammended to depart Knocksedan, 5mins before their original departure time at 0720 and 0745. Knocksedan is a fairly large housing estate on the Naul Road, previously the territory of Route 60 to Leas Cross. Buses proceed from Knocksedan and turn right at Leas Cross, following the Brackenstown Road to the Swords Manor terminus. Outbound the 1700 and 1715 services operate to Knocksedan. The extension made perfect sense because Harristown buses would have predominantly headed special via Knocksedan for the quickest route to Harristown.

    February saw Phibsborough return AV308, on the 2nd February, and AV313, on the 3rd February into active service. These buses had previously been stored in Harristown.

    On the 10th February Dublin Bus officially relauched its Dublin Sightseeing Brand as DoDublin. Buses had already been appearing in this new livery. On the route front, Monday 20th February saw the introduction of an early, 6am, departure on Route 38B from Damastown to O'Connell Street only. This bus is the first service into north Blanchardstown, except for the morning 39 Ghost which serves Corduff. Once into the city, it principally is a univeral on the 25A/B corridor.

    DublinBusStuff had its first update of 2017 on the 12th February with some photos of AV110 operating Route 18 back in 2014. Also included in this update was a full allocation of buses to routes on the 1st January 2017. Like this year, January and February were quite miserable and it was March before I took my first photos of the year.

    EV21 is seen in its Do Dublin livery operating the Hop On Hop Off tour outside Dublin Bus HQ on O'Connell Street on the 2nd October 2017. EV21 was officially was on the Tours fleet list at the start of 2017, though it was mid-January before it began appearing in service. EV49 and EV50 also joined EV21 in 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

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