Photo of the Week - Week 41:

Donnybrook's Enviro500 bodied Volvo B9TL is seen on Sea Road Kilcoole having operated ROute 84X on the 12th May 2011.

DublinBusStuff was supposedly a naughty boy last week and got "suspended". Shock turned to horror as the webpage went down. No I hadn't contravened the hosting company's rules, there was no images of a violent or sexual nature, though I suppose that depends what your into. It turned out all to be a slight misunderstanding with regards to the account and the website got caught in the middle. Currently we are working on a longer term solution. Hence the site may go down once again this week, though we hope not, but expect DublinBusStuff to survive for many years to come.

VT30 having turned around on Sea Road poses for another photograph prior to returning "special" to Donnybrook garage on the 12th May 2011.

To make up for the site down time, I include something special as this weeks image of the week. A giant bus on a tiny road, VT30 on an 84X departure back in May. Sea Road photos have been the image of the week before, in that article the history of the terminus was explained.

VTs are relatively regular on the 84X, however photos of them are few and far between. I'm not sure whether anymore exist at Sea Road, though the famous enthusiast allocated to the duty that day has his own. However VT30 on the 12th May could potentially remain the only 84X VT photos at Sea Road. VT30 is a regular on the service, and DublinBusStuff got another snap of this bus on the route about a month later.

VT30 seen operating an evening departure on Route 84X turning from St. Stephen's Green East to Leeson Street on the 16th June 2011. The 84X is a successful route, often requiring a VT for a plesent journey. As can be seen the bus is already quite full, and it has yet to stop at busy stops on Leeson Street, Donnybrook and Belfield.

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