Welcome to Dublinbus Stuff.com

This webpage began as a weekend of nothingness over a decade ago now. HTML got the better of me and I gave up. Timetables in HTML are horrible. However, after a few years I found the passwords again and started to use the site properly. You can still find some of the older sections of the site, though more and more I'm replacing the old timetable focussed pages.

Its been running in this form for about 9 years now, through various guises, hopefully the webpage becoming less garish with each incarnation. Some of the early photo features are especially crude, its funny looking back on them, the quality of photographs especially not being up to modern standards. I have tried to update the site once a week, however it hasn't always been possible.

The other pillar of the site are the large historical features. I have a keen interest in not just the buses, but also the routes they operate. I have spent many hours researching a number of different routes to give a full account of these services from inception to modern day. A number are complete, but this project will take some time to complete.

N.B. This website is not affiliated with Dublin Bus. The information contained herein is intended for enthusiast reference. For all current timetable and route information please refer to the official Dublin Bus Website.