Swords and Dublin Airport - 28th June 2009:

This is less interesting than the title makes out. Armed with a camera, no bus is safe from the waiting dublinbusstuff paparazzi. Swords and Dublin Airport was the haunt on Sunday 28th June 2009.

An incredibly fuzzy shot of VG50 on Route 33 seen on North Street Swords at 13:40.

A somewhat (not much) clearer shot of AX634 on another 33 seen less than a minute later on North Street Swords.

Finding myself armed with a camera one Sunday afternoon it was ample opportunity for a few snaps. Finding a new spot for a photo, a place not usually buzzing with bus enthusiasts provides a photo that it is out of the ordinary. North Street in Swords seemed like the perfect place, however as can be seen above, North Street in Swords is not a busy place for the bus services, allowing the buses to build up some speed. Dublinbusstuff has yet to invest in the equipment necessary to get away with such conditions. However I include these photos more so because its strange to have two 33s in convoy. It would seem that VG50 was operating the 1300 ex Skerries while AX634 was operating the 1300 ex Balbriggan.

AV229 on North Street Swords.

One final bus showed before I gave up on North Street. AV229, slightly late due to an event on in Balgriffan is operating the 1340 ex Swords Business Park.

VG36 at Dublin Airport.

Scuppered by buses which moved, no consideration at all to the bus enthusiast, I decided the best bet was to head to the Airport, with the masses of parked buses. However this in itself proved to be an issue, with buses so cramped the right shot just never seemed on. Here VG36 is seen unloading passengers at the arrivals hall of Dublin Airport after operating a 748 from Heuston Station.

LC201 at Dublin Airport.

The day just wasn't going right, one of the clearest shots of the day showing the magnitude of building work ongoing at Dublin Airport. LC201 operates the 1420 service ex DCU on the 109A to Navan.

Harristown's AV160 on Atrium Road, Dublin Airport.

The final shot from Dublin Airport is AV160 loading for its 15:10 service to Sutton Station.

RM1185 at Quick Park Swords Road

With the day not been very forgiving, moving buses and vast crowds of people not been very helpful, it was necessary to find a bus that wouldn't be moving, nor would have other buses/cars/people in front of it. So RM1185 at Quick Park provided such conditions. A bus synonomous with London looking particularly well in one of the more luminescent of the 40 shades of Irish Green. But even this turned out not to be the perfect shot. A solitary can of Dutch Gold sits perched in the upper deck window. Hardly adds character to the shot, more a sorrowful undertone.

A rear shot of RM1185, showing that its not only the outside that got the Green Treatment.

RM1185 provided excellent advertising for Quickpark. It was out of the norm and clearly visible as you drove past, two great attributes. However, it is no longer at the entrance to Quickpark. So maybe the day wasn't a complete disaster, a couple of nice pictures of a bus in a strange location.

VG50 seen on Swords Road.

A clear shot of VG50 illuded me unfortunately. Last shot of the day was on the Swords Road at the entrance to Northwood. VG50 having operated into town as a 33, operated out again as a 41 and is seen here, emerging from the trees, returning to the the city at 16:40.

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