Malahide Village (EV-Tastic) - 26th August 2009 :

Malahide Village attracted attention from Dublinbusstuff on Wednesday 26th August. The Donabate shuttle was the main attraction however the village allowed for an interesting selection of other routes, albeit with a limited selection of bus types.

EV83 loads in Malahide Village on the 1650 departure of Route 42 to the City Centre via Seabury.

Clontarf's Wedding Buses spend most of their time on the 42 and both were in operation on the 26th.

EV89 operating the 1710 departure of Route 42 from Portmarnock. Its seen here at the Main Street stop.

EV88 operating the 1735 departure of Route 42 from Coast Road. Its seen here at the Main Street stop.

The EV seems to be the bus of choice for the Malahide clientele, and sure nothing else would do for the plush Northern suburb. Even Harristown were chipping in with EVs with EV48 operating the 102.

EV48 operating the 1700 departure from Sutton Station to Dublin Airport.

Bus photography exists in several forms. As can be seen from above, the aim here was to catch all the buses operating through the village. So you pick your vantage point and guard it. A tree, in this case, was an adequate support allowing oneself to drift into an almost vegetative state, the only recogniseable signs of life being the occasional movement of an index finger to capture the next bus, which in Malahide can be few and far between.

The other main form is the more adventurous. It involves running around after buses, trying to get them in strange locations. But be warned, its not that easy. The 1730 departure of the 32A gave such an opportunity.

Standing at my spot at the train station, I see a bus in the distance, another, you guessed it EV. I could see also that it wanted to make a right turn in the village. I took my leave, dashing down Old Street. Finding myself a nice spot, standing in a Taxi Rank on New Street, the 32A was in sight. However, I didn't predict the pace of the bus. Autofocus got me a nice LED like usual, Kodak's excellenttext recognition software coming good again, but the rest of the bus is completely fuzzy. I chased after it but it was gone by the time I got to the terminus. I never even managed to get the fleet number, complete fail!

An 08-D EV on New Street, Malahide on the 26th August 2009.

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