City Centre - 22nd December 2009:

Just a few shots taken over the run up to christmas. Same spot, it was too cold for rambling, but some nice ones. Unusal to find O'Connell Bridge so diserted, but AX615 glistens in its frost coating heading outbound on Route 14A to Dundrum.

AX614 on Route 14A seen on O'Connell Bridge on the 22/12/2009.

AX642 heads on its long journey south on the 1020 departure to Kilcoole. With the withdrawal of Titan from the Dublin Bus advertising market, many buses were running around blank. However, the Vodafone Christmas ads were still very prominent. Bravo advertising has taken on the challenge on selling the vast advertisement space available on the city fleet.

AX642 on O'Connell Bridge on Route 84 on the 22/12/2009.

Though not the nicest shot of a bus, I enclose this shot of AW17 just because of the randomness of the scene. It is hard enough to get a shot of an AW, especially on a dark winter day due to their length. This time its more a shine on the windscreen that affects the shot of AW17. However spanning two lanes of traffic as the cars behind head in random directions makes the shot quite interesting.

AW17 on O'Connell Bridge on Route 4 to Blackrock on the 22/12/2009.

With only about 128 RVs left in the city fleet, non low-floor buses are becoming less likely around the streets. These remaining buses are part of a very large order placed in 1999, some of the last high-floor double-deck buses delivered to operations in the British Isles and Ireland. Therefore these buses are just over 10 years old while being the oldest buses in the Dublin Bus Fleet!!

RV607 on Route 15 to Scholarstown Road on O'Connell Bridge on the 22/12/2009. Note the new Bravo advertisement on the AV/AX to the side.

The 10 is a very busy Dublin route, and has been the home for some of Dublin's more sizeable buses over the last few years. The AWs have long since been dispatched to Route 4/4A and the route is predominantly an AV/AX affair, however there is still one or two VTs to be seen during the peak periods.

VT60 is seen on O'Connell Bridge on Route 10 to UCD Belfield on the 22/12/2009.

Having an off street level angle allows for some line up pictures. O'Connell Bridge has a lot of buses passing so it is ideal place for a number of buses to pull in next to each other. Especially interesting is when different types of buses pull in next to one another, typified by the show of RV605, AX491 and AW7 lined up on O'Connell Bridge.

RV605, AX491 and AW7, on the 15B, 15A and 4 respectively, await a green light on O'Connell Bridge on the 22/12/2009.

AV325 on Route 54A to Kiltipper and AX489 on the 15B to Whitechurch on O'Connell Bridge on the 22/12/2009.

Trying to aspire to the famous John Hinde postcards, heres a long shot down O'Connell Street. However it seems more cluttered than pretty, maybe a bit of touching up required, cough cough.

A long shot O'Connell Street, less detective work required for this shot, lots of AXs and AVs and it was taking on the 22/12/2009. Also who ruined the shot by placing a big traffic camera pole in the way.

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