Dun Laoghaire - 12/12/2009:

With the long running sequence of non Dublinbus features, dublinbusstuff headed to Dun Laoghaire to sample the bus operations. Saturdays are less interesting than mid-week operations, the VTs are couped up in the garage and the infrequent services of the 111 and 7A not allowing for a weekend service.

AX467 on Route 7 seen on George's Street Dun Laoghaire on route to City Centre on the 12/12/2009.

AX619 on Route 46A to Mountjoy Square seen turning onto George's Street with Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre as the backdrop on the 12/12/2009.

Dun Laoghaire was basically an AX town on Saturday 12th. With the VTs strictly allocated to the yard at weekends due to tyre wear, AXs are the vehicles of choice, however though an occasional EV was expected none were allocated that Saturday afternoon.

AX468 on Route 7 seen on George's Street Dun Laoghaire on route to O'Connell Street on the 12/12/2009.

AV390 arriving on the 45A seen alighting passengers on George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

AV390 was one of few AVs in Dun Laoghaire on the 12th December. Interestingly this bus operated the 1120 ex Ballywaltrim, this photo being taken at 12:05pm. The bus then went around to serve its final stop on Marine Road before continuing onto the ferry terminal using Harbour Road and Crofton Road to layover outside the train station, something quite common for the 45A buses. It was photographed again outside the station. The bus next operated the 12:50 ex Dun Laoghaire via Shanganagh Cliffs with a new driver. AV390 is photographed again outside Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre on Marine Road.

AV390 laying over outside Dun Laoghaire Train Station on the 12/12/2009.

AV390 operating the one daily Monday-Saturday service via Shanganagh Cliffs seen on Marine Road on the 12/12/2009.

Dun Laoghaire has two regular bus services into the city with Routes 7 and 46A serving the main George's Street area. It doesn't seem that long since you could add the 8 to that list of routes but its limited reintroduction doesn't serve George's Street, nor does it have a Saturday service. The 46A is probably the best known among Dubliners as serving Dun Laoghaire, but the 7 really is the route that connects it directly to the city, the meandering 46A route being quite disorientating and overly long.

The stop they share inbound on George's Street is a handy spot to snap away. Note the red line on the bus stop head. This indicates that this is a compulsory stop. Not only that but the stop should be anounced on the intercom. However from travelling on buses in the city I have never experienced either rule being used.

AX538 operating Route 7 on George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

AX647 operating Route 46A having loaded passengers on George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

AX619 later on in the day loading on George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

AX639 on Route 46A to the City on the 12/12/2009.

The only break in the Alexander ALX400 show was the WV class Wright-bodied Volvo midibuses on Route 59 from Dun Laoghaire to Mackintosh Park serving Dalkey and Killiney. The 59 was diverted upon the 8's withdrawal in 2001 to serve Dalkey and it was quite busy on the 12th given the run up to Christmas. Mackintosh Park is also well known as a terminus for local Dun Laoghaire services with it being a constant terminus of the 58 during its 22 year operation.

WV42 on Route 59 serving its second last stop on George's Street before turning right onto Marine Road.

The 59 and 45A share the same terminus on Marine Road. In order to turn around the 59 continues to the end of Marine Road to turn about at the roundabout in front of the Stena Ferry Terminal, reminiscent of its Dun Laoghaire St. Michael's Wharf Terminus from 1942 (when it was cut short from the city) to the mid-60s when it was moved to Crofton Road because of works on the Ferry Terminal.

WV43 at the terminus of the 59 on Marine Road on the 12/12/2009.

The 59 does not serve the stop outside the Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre on Marine Road, it instead turns onto George's Street stopping in front of the other entrance to the Centre. This is a historical thing from when the 8 was a principal service. WV42 is seen loading at what is the busiest of the route 59 stops in Dun Laoghaire.

WV42 on George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

The 7 however does serve the stop on Marine Road. Since the one way conversion of George's Street Lower in the late 90's/early 00s the 7 has had to re route via Clarence Street, Crofton Road and Marine Road on its outbound routing. AX528 is seen loading on one of the now fewer services to Cherrywood. The Cherrywood extension did not prove popular, routes such as the 145 being much more direct; albiet requiring a bit of a walk out of the estate. When first introduced every second 7 served Cherrywood, however nowadays its one in ever four or five departures. Behind is AX527 also on the 7 but to the main Loughlinstown Park terminus, where the majority of the 7's terminate since the 111 became peak hour only. Unfortunately the lighting conditions were not sufficient to get both in frame and recognisable.

AX528 on Route 7 to Cherrywood loading on Marine Road on the 12/12/2009.

AV393 is seen departing the Marine Road stop on long haul Route 746 linking the Dun Laoghaire Ferry Terminal and Dublin Airport.

Only a small contingent of AVs were plying their trade around Dun Laoghaire. AV147 was by far the eldest. Its seen loading at George's Street on the 12/12/2009.

AX456 was one of my last shots of the day, finally getting a 46A on its outbound from the city. Clarence Street is also denoted as a compulsory stop. Finally, many shots didn't turn out well and there seemed to be a curse on me and buses on the 75. Finally AX609 stopped for a passenger (nothing was snapable when moving) in a reasonable well lit George's Street. That finished the list of Routes operating in Dun Laoghaire on a Saturday, well at least those with a license.

AX456 on Clarence Street heading for the Dun Laoghaire terminus on the 12/12/2009.

AX609 on Route 75 on George's Street having just departed on its long journey to Tallaght on the 12/12/2009.

Its always nice to catch the unusual and thankfully there was something unusual in Dun Laoghaire. Due to roadworks as part of the Monkstown Ring Road, Route 46A has been diverted from its normal routing on its outbound. The city bound routing is unaffected but since the 16th October the 46A from Baker's Corner has been Abbey Road, Monkstown Avenue, Mounttown Road Upper, York Road, Clarence Street, Crofton Road. Therefore it shares the Mounttown Road Upper Stop with Route 8. No other stops were added anywhere between this stop and the previous one on Monkstown Avenue, between which would constitute a significant walk. Initially it was noted that the diversions would be for about four weeks, but like anything in Dublin this has been much of an understatement and it is eight weeks currently in force.

AX647 on Mounttown Road Upper heading for Dun Laoghaire Station on the 12/12/2009.

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