London Hybrid HV3 - 26/01/2010:

Arriva London's Hybrid vehicle HV3 paid a visit to Dublin Bus on the 26/01/2010, first calling into Broadstone before being inspected outside head office on O'Connell Street, where DublinbusStuff was on hand to take a few pictures.

HV3 outside Dublin Bus Head Office on O'Connell Street on the 26/01/2010.

Nearside of Arriva London's HV3.

HV3 is similar to WH1 in appearance, both having Wright Gemini bodywork. WH1, however, has a Wright Pulsar Gemini body which is the Gemini body originally built for the VDL DB250 chassis (originally launched as Daf DB250) used on WH1, while HV3 has a Wright Eclipse Gemini body built for Volvo chassis such as the B7TL and B9TL, or in the case of HV3 a Volvo B5L chassis. Therefore this is the same body as for the VG, albeit in two-door format to meet London specification. Another notable difference between the two is their engines. WH1 has a Ford Puma 2.4 litre diesel engine while HV3 has a D5E 4 cylinder 5 litre Volvo diesel engine.

An offside shot of HV3 on O'Connell Street on the 26/01/2010.

Rear-view of HV3.

HV3 was delivered to Arriva London in April 2009. It operates on Route 141 running between Winchmore Hill (Green Dragon Lane) and Moorgate (Finsbury Square). The 141 was the first route to get a Hybrid vehicle in 2007 with HEV1 (LJ07 ECE), a Wright Pulsar Gemini HEV like WH1. In fact WH1 was the second such vehicle delivered. The 141 is currently the route for Hybrid buses, with a number of types being used.

Two Wright Eclipse Gemini's, HV3 and VG43 side by side on O'Connell Street. The Sightseeing bus on the inside is AX542 which will be the subject of a new CMNL model coming out (see here).

Arriva London's Hybrid Vehicle HV3 heading southbound on O'Connell Street on the 26/1/2010.

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