Photo of the Week - Week 23:

Harristown's AV115 is seen at Esker Glebe on a unique section of Route 239 on the 31st May 2014.

The arrival of the new GT class buses at the end of 2013 lead to the withdrawal of a number of AVs. A number have ended up with the Driver Training Unit, others have been or are awaiting tours conversion, while a significant number being disposed of. One batch which has been stored instead of disposed of is ex Summerhill AV109-113/AV115. The reason is in case of extra requirements during the Luas building project within the city. Only AV110, based in Donnybrook featured on this site a few weeks ago, and AV115 have actually entered service, and it is likely they will be the only ones. AV110 should have operated only to Saturday 31st May, and should be in storage for the summer months due to service reduction coinciding with school holidays. With the SG class due in late July, it may well not see service again. Harristown pressed AV115 into service in mid-May. It was still operating as of this week, so into June 2014. Assuming a vehicle reduction in Harristown over the summer, I'm not sure how long more it will last. I caught up with it on a rare allocation to Route 239 on Saturday 31st May 2014.

Harristown's AV115 is seen on Lucan Main Street operating Route 239 on the 31st May 2014.

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