Photo of the Week - Week 24:

Donnybrook's AV262 is seen in its Vodafone wrap at the 14 terminus on Maryfield Drive on the 3rd June 2012.

The 3rd June 2012 heralded a first for Dublin, with a formula 1 car running around the city's streets. Not interested enough to watch, DublinBusStuff thought the next best thing was to catch up with the Vodafone buses that have been advertising the event. AV321 and AV262 acquired this wrap in late April/early May. It advertises the Mercedes McLaren team's visit to Dublin as part of the Bavaria Street Racing event, Vodafone being the principle sponsor of the McClaren team.

A rear shot of AV262 on Maryfield Drive on the 3rd June 2012.

Jenson Button's short drive around Dublin's Streets, a demonstration as opposed to any racing, managed to block off a vast section of Dublin. As a cosmopolitan city, Dublin has many events that, from time to time, take up some of the city's thoroughfares for something other than traffic. However, what should be noted that as public areas, these events have been inclusive, there for all to take part. However, this must go down as a first to cause such disruption, only for the profits of the organisers. With tickets ranging from 75 to much much more, only the very rich got the best seats, though at times the lack of racing must have been like watching paint dry.

A rare outing for Harristown's VG27 on Route 15 on diversion down Capel Street due to Bavaria City Racing Event on the 3rd June 2012. EV61 is seen behind on Route 151, while AV403 is next up on Route 13.

Though there was a few free viewing points, for the most part black hoardings blocked off the general public from viewing the event. The event must be considered a low point in the civic history of this city. Instead of being event to bring in tourism, the event had the opposite effect with many tourists confused with regards to public transport or negotiating the city in general. The diversions were rediculous too, with a crowded Capel Street being the only path across the city. The only good thing to come from the event was the two overall wraps, which thankfully bring something interesting to a fleet which is getting more and more standardised. One can only think how better they would look with a grey front, the yellow and blue not fitting in well with the advertisement.

AV262 is seen later in the day while on a diversionary Route 14 on Bachelors Walk on the 3rd June 2012.

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