Photo of the Week - Week 33:

Ringsend's Alexander ALX400-bodied Volvo B7TL, AV319, is seen operating Route 15B to Whitechurch on Kildare Street on the 24th June 2010.

March brought a change in appearance to AV319 with the application of front and rear fleet numbers. The front fleet number was placed on its destination display as shown above. The VGs were first to receive this treatment, after Dublin Bus stopped the policy of having specific registration plates that matched the fleet numbers of the bus. The VGs however have the fleet number lower down on the front bodywork. However, in March 2010, Ringsend surprisingly applied a fleet number to AV319, something which at the time may have been seen as the first of a roll out of such applications. However, as of yet it has been the only one.

For this author, the place in which it was applied is wrong. The bus looks strange with the large fleet number almost encroaching on the destination display of the bus. Though fleet numbers such as this may be rolled out across the fleet I hope that their placement and size is chosen such that they don't infringe on the overall appearance of the bus like they do on AV319. A good example of a sleek application of a fleet number to the destination display area of a bus is shown below as applied to Arriva London North's DW279.

Arriva London North's, Wright Gemini 2 DW279 is seen sporting its minimalist front fleet number on Buckingham Palace Road operating Route 38 to Victoria Station on the 13th July 2010.

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