Photo of the Week - Week 26:

Ringsend's AX531 is seen at the Rossmore terminus of Route 150 on the 20th June 2014.

AX531 proves the be very illusive, with Ringsend being very strict about its allocation to Route 150. It also does not appear out at weekends much, if at all. Wedding Buses, especially newly painted, are always worth catching, though AX531 is still missing its wedding adverts. AX531, a former Donnybrook bus, is one of the former Route 11 batch of buses that seems to have gone everywhere now, with AX529-AX531 in Ringsend, AX532 and AX533 in Conyngham Road, AX534 still in Donnybrook and AX535 and AX536 now in Phibsborough. AX531 arrived in Ringsend in November 2013. It dissappeared for a few months early this year returning to service in Wedding Livery in very early April 2014. Since then its allocation has been fixed to the 150. What is interesting is that the previous Ringsend Wedding Bus AX494 was repainted into core livery some time before AX531 was converted leaving Ringsend without a Wedding Bus. It had been assumed that Ringsend would just continue without a Wedding Bus, as has been the case for Harristown for some time now.

AX531 is seen in its former Donnybrook days operating Route 184 on Bray Main Street on the 19th February 2011.

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