Photo of the Week - Week 34:

Donnybrook's AX618, recently wrapped in tri-side Persil PowerGems advert, is seen at the Kiltipper terminus of Route 54A on the 26th August 2017.

There has been a reasonable amount of tri-sided adverts this summer, and last weekend another bus was wrapped. This time it was AX618, wrapped in a eye catching advert for Persil PowerGems. This brings the number of tri-sided adverts on the streets to four, AX523 and AX618 in Donnybrook, GT125 in Conyngham Road and VG43 in Summerhill. Given AX618 is a Donnybrook AX, it will spend a lot of time on the orbital services. This week it had a very mixed allocation, starting on Monday the 21st, with the 17 in the morning followed by the 18 in the afternoon, the the 54A on Tuesday, the 45A on Wednesday, the 47 for Thursday morning peak then the 18 for the rest of day, the 47 on Friday, the 54A on Saturday, and then today, Sunday the 27th August, it was allocated to Route 75. This varied mix means that finding this in the city is not a guarantee.

A rear shot of AX618 at the Kitipper Terminus of Route 54A on the 26th August 2017.

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