Photo of the Week - Week 30:

Donnybrook's AX640 is seen on Marine Road operating Route 75 on the 28th June 2014.

Something that was missed recently on these pages due to the appearance of the demonstrator buses was the appearance of AX640 in a tri-sided AOA for Ladbrookes. It entered service in this wrap on Sunday 15th June 2014, during the middle of the World Cup, a suitable time for a betting ad. The bus is principally seen around the Dun Laoghaire group of routes, as shown by the two times that I have caught up with it. The ad itself focusses on "The Believer", a character created around the concept of Ladbrooke's life representing each betting man. "The Believer" is ambitious in his betting style, represented in the Ladbrooke's TV ad as a football player attempting an overhead kick. Aptly, "The Believer" misses the ball. The design of the ad itself is quite nice and it really stands out in such a bold red colour. Hopefully there will be a few more tri-sided ads over the summer as they a little bit of interest.

A rear shot of AX640 at the Crofton Road terminus of Route 75 on the 28th June 2014.

AX640 is seen at the Crofton Road terminus of Route 63 on the 19th July 2014.

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