Photo of the Week - Week 20:

Bus 71, a Mercedes Benz Metalpar Tronador, of the 3rd of May Bus Company departs the terminus of Route 20 on Guisseppi Verdi Avenue in Llao Llao to the town of Bariloche in Argentina on the 1st June 2011.

So no, DublinBusStuff hasn't closed down, just taken a sizeable break. With DublinBusStuff's affinity with Route 20, I decided while in the Patagonian side of Argentina to sample the delights of Route 20 in Bariloche. Its terminus is truely an amazing place. The bus makes a 3-point turn in the wide chicane behind, the hut in the background is actually a shelter for the route. With the Andes rising behind, the lush greenery, the line of Argentian flags and the flakes of cloud drifting by, it is possible that this place is even more spectacular than the Maryfield Drive terminus of our own Route 20B. A close call though...

It may be recalled that many promises were made with regards to updates in week 19's update. I haven't forgotten, or failed to notice that we are in fact well beyond week 20 of the year. Expect many updates over the coming weeks as I catch up. Route 150 will be next in the coming days with Week 21 image of the week, there will also be an updated feature for the 121, the Ringsend transferred WVs will most likely be week 22 on the new Donnybrook haunts, while a 747 image of the week cannot be too far off. Also expect another historic route feature which currently is not too far from press.

To finish we note VG46's change of guise into Airlink-less. DublinBusStuff has failed to catch up with the aforementioned, only been back a couple of days, but given this is week 20, and at least three to four updates a year must concern the 20B, I include a photo of VG48 operating none other than Route 20B back in January spotted at Donnycarney Church.

Summerhill's Wright Gemini bodied Volvo B9TL, VG48, is seen about to turn left onto Collins Avenue operating a Route 20B on the 3rd January 2011.

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