Photo of the Week - Week 26:

Summerhill's Wright Crusader-bodied Volvo B6BLE WV29 is seen turning off Westmoreland Street onto Aston Quay on the 19th June 2010 as part of diversions in place for the Temple Bar Bike Race.

Recently there has been a wide range of unusual outer terminus shots as part of the image of the week series. Sometimes however the unusual can come to the city centre itself, especially on Saturdays when marches and organised events can see diversions put in place. One such event was a professional cycle race around Temple Bar as part of the Irish Tour series which saw competitors compete in a one hour race on the 19th June. The event ewas used to mark National Bike Week and Dan Martin took the victory from a field of 50 competitors.

The route taken saw Lord Edward Street closed off, a widely used bus route out of the city. The knock on effect was that buses were diverted via the North and South quays instead. Due to right turns not being allowed off O'Connell Bridge, routes such as the 123 had to use D'olier Street, College Street and Westoreland Street to access the south quays. WV29 is shown in the photo above lurching around the corner.

The photo below shows VT68 on Route 39. For the moment this is also an unusual sight, however with the coming Network review this corner will see many VTs on the 39 and 39A and the other Blanchardstown Corridor routes.

Phibsborough's Enviro 500 bodied Volvo B9TL, VT68, on Route 39 to Ongar on the 19th June 2010 turning onto Aston Quay as part of diversions put in place for the Irish Tour bicyle race taken place that day. AX553 follows on Route 37.

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