Photo of the Week - Week 33:

Phibsborough's SG217 and VT45 are seen on diversion on College Street on the 5th August 2017.

On Friday 4th August 2017, at 8pm, Aston Quay was closed to traffic so that the south quays between Burgh Quay and Aston Quay, at the foot of O'Connell Bridge, could be relaid following the luas works. The work was scheduled for eight days. A number of routes use Aston Quay, and they all needed to be rerouted. The following were the diversions:

  • Routes 25/A/B/X/26/37/39/A/66/A/B/X/67/X/69/X/70/145: The routes that use Pearse Street and then Aston Quay were required to continue on Pearse Street onto College Street, College Green, Dame Street, Cork Hill, Lord Edward Street, Christchurch Place, Winetavern Street, returning to their normal route on Merchant's Quay. The Blanchardstown services and the 145 stopped on Dame Street at stop 1934. The Lucan Road services stopped at stop 1935 on Lord Edward Street. Given Aston Quay is a handover point for the 25s and 37/39s/70, these driver handovers occured at these points. On the day a number of buses were noted to continue along High Street, using Bridge Street to get back to the quays.
  • Route 90: From Burgh Quay, D'olier Street, College Street, then as per diversion above to Mechant's Quay.
  • Route 51D: This bus departed Hawkins Street with Aston's Quay unavailable. It followed the diversion to Merchant's Quay.
  • Route 79/A: These routes departed from Ormond Quay, a terminus that is normally reserved for St. Patrick's day.
  • 83/A: Buses turned left off South Great George's Street onto Dame Street, then to Cork Hill, Lord Edward Street, Christchurch Place, High Street, Bridge Street returning to normal route on Church Street Bridge.

Conyngham Road's AV353 is seen on Dame Street at stop 1934 on Route 25B on the 5th August 2017. This was the first morning of the diversions, so the fact the driver was doing a waiting passenger a favour given the bus shouldn't actually stop there.

The Nitelinks were also diverted, usually being routed up O'Connell Street, Western Way, Constitution Hill. The 25N continued down Church Street and Bridge Street, the 66N/67N/69N/70N turned right off Constitution Hill to North King Street, then Queen Street, turning right to Ushers Island, except for the 70N, which used Blackhall Street to get to Blackhall Place. The diversions only lasted till the Monday afternoon, the 7th August. Being a bank holiday Monday it meant that the diversion was actually not in place for a normal weekday. Thus Routes 25X, 51D,66X, 67X, 69X and 90 never actually served their diverted route.

Phibsborough's VT66 is seen on Winetavern Street passing underneath the Christchurch arch on Route 39A on the 5th August 2017, a brief return to a former routing.

Donnybrook's GT3 is seen on Route 145 on Dame Street on the 5th August 2017.

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