Photo of the Week - Week 43:

Donnybrook's Coastal Tour AX542 is seen awaiting passengers for short lived Route 709 service to Taylor's Three Rock pub on O'Connell Street on the 6th August 2011.

The weather over the past 48 hours has been biblical. Rain like this could once have been considered rare, however this year has seen a number of heavy downpours, culminating in the unprecedented conditions of Monday evening. It seemed somewhat appropriate to include some photos of Dublin Buses in the rain in this very short image of the week. Given its the long weekend this week, I think a feature is in order.

Route 709, which AX542 is seen operating above, was short lived. Taylor's Irish Night is a long running Irish music event which takes place at Taylor's Tree Rock Pub on the Grange Road in Rathfarnham. This pub is located just a few metres away from the old 47B terminus at the corner of Grange Road and Harold's Grange Road, and a bus bay is still located there. Aimed at Tourists, it was hoped that the service would entice tourists to the venue, ferrying them to and from the venue. Information on the service never appeared on the Dublin Bus Website, and the route proved unpopular.

VG5 passes on Route 66X, as DublinBusStuff hides under a tree on St. Stephen's Green North on the 16th June 2011.

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