Photo of the Week - Week 10:

Donnybrook's newly acquired RV620 is seen in Enniskerry Village operating Route 44 on the 3rd March 2012.

Well I've finally got my hands on the G1X. Judgement is being reserved, but I think the image above augers well for the future. Quite nicely focussed, nice deep colours and the background seems crisper than I was used to with the G12. An RV picture kick started my G12 use, another RV begins the G1X's career. RV620, in the very picturesque backdrop of Enniskerry. Having arrived from Harristown to Donnybrook just a week before with sister vehicle RV621, RV620 has settled in on the 44 and 17. This has lead to reductions in the number of WVs appearing on the route, and will most likely lead to an increase in evening peak novelties with regards to their allocations. As for the G1X, its low light performance is its main draw, and due to being busy last weekend, I've yet to try it out in such conditions. Next week with be telling.

Donnybrook's VT7 is seen on an unusual Saturday allocation to Route 46A on Kill Avenue on the 25th February 2012.

Last week I noted that I was unable to complete the image of the week that I had intended. This was due to not having the photo of VT7 above with me. So all and sundry have now given their two cents on the new Bravo campaign, but I may as well get involved. Thankfully, I haven't found all three types shown together, so that will be the novelty of this feature.

The Human Boday Exhibition is back in town for a second time, and once again is attracting the crowds. Personally I've not been, a lack of interest as opposed to any moral concerns. However, you can't argue with their advertisement strategy. The Airlink VGs and open top AVs represent buses that are used by tourists, who are prime targets for the exhibition. As for the VTs, I'm less sure, but Donnybrook's one's do at least pass on the 46A, with Phibsborough's also on occasion allocating theirs to the 38 which passes too. I suppose they are such standout vehicles.

Summerhill's VG38 is seen loading at the new Terminal 2 building in Dublin Airport on the 12th February 2012.

The three photos are interesting in that they show the first ads applied to the rear of the VG, VT and opentop AV classes. This represents a significant effort for Bravo with regards to arranging three new templates. One would think that rear ads on these types will be appearing more regularly from here forth. Two vehicles of each type were done, namely AVs 172 & 179, VG38 & VG42, VT7 and VT63. VT7 is even more interesting in that it has 3 advertisements. I believe this is the first time a Dublin Bus vehicle has carried three wraps for three different companies. I had initially thought it was the first to have two, until Irishbuses excellent image of RA207. However it must be the first to have three, namely The Human Body (rear), Lucosade Cola (offside), AIB (nearside). Personally, though I like the concept of the VTs carrying ads, VT7 is just way overboard. It looks more like an advertisement section of one of the local rags, with adds seemingly pasted everywhere. An overall wrap for just one company would look much cleaner. Even if the three ads as applied were the for the same brand and thus similar colours, they would look better. I was also surprised that Dublin Bus reduced the brand image of the Airlink and Sightseeing services, though maybe the extra income is hard to turn down in present times.

Phibsborough's AV172 is seen operating the Hop On Hop Off tour on O'Connell Street on the 26th February 2012.

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