2022 - Update 6:

Conyngham Road's PA229 is seen in Leixlip operating Route L54 on the 21st April 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

One important update which missed these pages due to recent busy-ness was the entry of Conyngham Roads PAs. The first to enter service was PA218 which operated the 1715 Route 51D departure on the 10th February 2022. PA216 also entered service on the same date. Each week brought a few more, with PA222 and PA230 being the last to enter service on the 4th April, giving Conyngham Road part of their originally intended allocation, namely PA216-231. Since then, new arrivals have been put into store in Harristown Depot.

Conyngham Road's PA226 is seen operating Route 151 on Custom House Quay on the 19th April 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

In terms of allocation, Conyngham Road have allowed the PAs to wander on to all of their routes, with no particular allocation logic. This makes for interesting photos of the new batch, with many other garages restricting their PA allocations, at least initially.

Conyngham Road's PA218 is seen operating Route 13C, a number used for short, to city only, Route 13 services, on College Green on the 25th February 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

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