Photo of the Week - Week 27:

Donnybrook's GT5 is seen in its new Creatives Against Covid tri-sided wrap operating Route 155 on Ballymun Road (click on photo for larger version).

Everything is getting back to normal. Shops and restaurants are reopened, sports are back, and now the travel restrictions within Ireland have been removed. Being based outside of Dublin has meant no new photos for the past 13 weeks that the site has not been updated. It was great to be back in Dublin, though given my hobby is not an absolute necessity, I still have not travelled on a bus in quite some time. Number one on the list was GT5, which has had its purple International Day of Disabilities wrap replaced by one for Creatives Against Covid, a striking wrap that is quite obvious on the city streets.

Donnybrook's GT5 is seen in its ISPCC wrap operating Route 47 on Strand Road on the 30th June 2020 (click on photo for larger version).

It should be expected that the Creatives Against Covid wrap is striking in that it is advertising the ISPCC's "Have HeART" campaign. This has seen artists from around the world creating unique posters which can be purchased on, or a donation of 10 gives you a chance of winning one of the posters. The proceeds go towards vunderable women and children in abusive households, something which is heightened in a lockdown scenario. It is a well-deserving cause, and Dublin Bus has shown its support carrying 50 t-side adverts, 50 sightline adverts and of course GT5 in its wrap. As part of the campaign Dublin Bus have allocated GT5 to Route 46A, giving it increased exposure. The allocation has been quite rigid to all day boards on the 46A, which has been quite noticeable and commendable given its not always easy to have strict allocations, but on the 30th June it was allocated to the 21st board on the 46A, which operates a lap on Route 47 in the morning, allowing the bus to be spare in the evening rush, appearing on the 155.

A rear shot of GT5 on Luke Street having operated a 47 service from Belarmine on the 30th June 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

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