Photo of the Week - Week 15:

Conyngham Road's Alexander ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TL, AV353, is seen at the Dodsboro terminus of Route 25 on the 18th April 2011.

Unusal to have two Conyngham Road features two weeks running. Even more unusual for them to be two wedding buses. EV64's appearance on the 78A was something special, but AV353 posing for photos in Dodsboro is something special, even if she has lost her lovely white dress.

The Dodsboro terminus, like Sea Road Kilcoole, falls into the strange category. Buses come in from Millstream Road which becomes the Dodsboro Road at a set of shops and a post office. Directly after passing these shops it swings right, into a small road of cottages, a road which joins onto the Dodsboro Road in two places and is almost triangular in nature. And a road that must be noted as quite narrow, possibly even narrower than Sea Road.

The bus travels around this triangle and then turns left onto Dodsboro Road where it immediately terminates where it is shown in the photo above. It should be noted that the Dodsboro terminus on the OS Maps is shown too far south, being shown at Meadowbrook Grove.

The Dodsboro terminus of Route 25 appeared in the late 1950s and only applied to a few selected departures, the rest terminating in Lucan Village. By 1967, the 25s had the majority of departures to Dodsboro. It was late 1975 before selected departures to Authur Griffith would appear, and it wan't till the early 90s that the distinction between Route 25 and 25A began. Prior to this the 25 oficially ran to both places.

AV353 was delivered to Conyngham Road in 2003 in CitySwift livery. It was painted into Wedding Livery in early 2006, with the previous Wedding Buses AV226 and AV227 being returned to fleet livery. With the arrival of EV64 in 2008, there was once again two Wedding Buses in Conyngham Road. However in late 2009, AV353 was painted into fleet livery losing its Wedding Bus status.

AV353 negotiating the Dodsboro terminus about to turn left back onto the Dodsboro Road to its terminus stop. Its one of the stranger images at a Dublin bus terminus, a Blessed Mary statue greets AV353 on its left turn.

The Dodsboro terminus showing its true narrowness, as AV353 negotiates the road of cottages that constitutes its turning circle.

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