Photo of the Week - Week 16:

Dualway's former Dublin Bus Alexander RH bodied Volvo Olympian, RH132, seen with its unusual collection of liveries on St. Patrick's Close while operating the Citysightseeing Tours on the 12th September 2010.

This weeks Image of the Week is a more sombre response to the events which occured over the weekend. Dualway Coaches, owned by the McConn family of Rathcoole, were the victims of a terrible arson attack in the early hours of Monday 25th April 2011.

Some 15 buses have been reported destroyed, though full details have yet to emerge. Some of these were ex-Dublin Bus Olympians, others were preserved Routemasters. The authorities are currently investigating the incident.

RH132, shown above, can definately be confirmed as destroyed. The remains of the this vehicle were shown in both the Irish Times and the Evening Herald. Its distinctive Red Front with otherwise old yellow livery in which it operated towards the end of the last peak season, made it quite noticeable, and its sad to think it wont grace the city's streets once more.

RH132 was new to Summerhill garage in February 1992, and gave over 13 years service to the company. It was withdrawn upon the arrival of the first of the AV418-AV429 batch of ALX400s in August 2005. It spent a few months as a driver trainer, though was not repainted as such, as it was a "refresher" bus, and was finally withdrawn from Dublin Bus in early 2006 being sold to Dualway. It gave Dualway a further 5 years of operational service prior to its recent demise. Its hard to believe looking at photos of it that this bus was actually 19 years old. Its truely amazing when one considers how the AN68s looked in the mid-90s after the same number of years service. Farewell RH132.

Former London Transport AEC Routemaster, RML2646, is seen on "ticket duties" on a very wet September day on Dame Street. Rumours suggest that this bus may have been saved, but reports are still unclear as to its exact fate.

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