2021 - Update 19:

Go-Ahead's 11590 is seen in its new advert noting Go-Ahead's sponsorship of Dublin GAA, operating Route 18 at the Newgrove Avenue terminus on the 9th October 2021 (click on photo for larger version).

Go-Ahead 11590 has received a very attractive variant of the new NTA livery promoting Go-Ahead's sponsorship of the Dublin GAA Club Championships, which they announced back in June 2021. The bus entered service on the afternoon of the 23rd September. Freeney's have done an excellent job modifying the NTA livery and the grass and sky complement the yellow front. In many ways a livery like this would have been more attractive to promote the environmental ethos that is driving new bus purchases than the current green and yellow. The new advert showcases the jersies of a number of the prominant Dublin clubs, as well as the Dublin GAA logo. So far Go-Ahead have allocated this bus across many of their double-deck routes, so it's not the easiest to track down. I was happy to find it.

A nearside shot of 11590 on Newgrove Avenue having departed for Palmerstown Village on the 9th October 2021. (click on photo for larger version).

A rear shot of 11590 at the 18 terminus on Newgrove Avenue on the 9th October 2021 (click on photo for larger version).

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