Photo of the Week - Week 36:

Clontarf's EV18 is seen operating Route 43 on Feltrim Lane on the 2nd September 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

Clontarf's EV18 received a tri-sided advert promoting female recruitment for Dublin Bus back on the 2nd August 2019, heading out on peak hour departures on Route 43 that evening. It was out reasonably regularly for the next week or so, though only had one full day (both peaks and daytime) operation on the 6th August. Otherwise it was pretty much just peak operation up to the 13th August. In the 3 weeks since the 13th August, it has operated just 1 inward journey on the 32 in the morning peak on the 22nd August, and a further lap on Route 43 in the morning peak on the 2nd September, on which I was lucky to catch up with it. So though I'd have wished for a full EV18 feature, I may have to be happy with this solitary shot. The only hope is the advert is not quick to be removed, and EV18 can withstand more regular operation in the near future. EV18 is not a bus I regularly come by, in fact checking through my archives, the last photo I have of it was from near 7 years ago, which I've included as the 2nd photo this week.

Clontarf's EV18 is seen operating Route 31B in Raheny Village on the 10th November 2012 (click on photo for larger version).

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