Photo of the Week - Week 14:

Conyngham Road's Wedding Enviro500 bodied Volvo B7TL, EV64, is seen during an extremely rare outing on Route 78A on the 10th April 2011.

As we enter the last few weeks of DublinBusStuff, in its current format at least, I promise that the updates will be good. And I don't think it gets much more interesting than the photo of EV64 above.

Yes, last Sunday, EV64 operated at least a few laps on Route 78A, an occurance that is both rare and interesting. EVs in general appear quite infrequently on the 78A, never mind the prized EV64. I have only heard of one other occasion where it performed a lap or so one evening. The reason for the EVs lack of appearance is due to the antisocial behaviour noted on this route, and this author must admit its not one of his favourite routes.

It is not known exactly when or why EV64 ended up on the 78A. It can be confirmed that it operated the 1733 ex Astons, the 1827 ex Liffey Valley and the 1915 ex Astons, with the photo above showing it loading for its 1915 departure. However it may well have operated at least one lap before, possibly two, if it covered the full board on the route that day.

That said the 78A is soon to be no more, making this photograph even more special. In fact it was expected that the 40/78A would be merged back in January of this year. Thus DublinBusStuff headed out for a few photographs of the route back in early January. RV591 is shown below at the Liffey Valley terminus.

Conyngham Road's Volvo Olympian, RV591, is seen at the Liffey Valley terminus of Route 78A on the 8th January 2011..

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