Photo of the Week - Week 16:

Clontarf's EV79 seen on the former Talbot Street bound 27 turning onto Talbot Street from Amiens Street with Connolly Station in the background on the 16th July 2011.

Clontarf is a small garage and due to the fact has never been capable of having as strict an allocation system as say some of the larger garages such as Phibsborough or Donnybrook. However, one thing has nearly always been applied, "No EVs on the 27". So it was only on the rarest of occasions that EVs appeared, generally only for a lap or so. With the GTs being new on the block, EVs are starting to stray more regularly, however it is still a rarity. As more new buses are acquired there is no doubt that EVs on the 27 will become the norm, so its important to use those rare photographs before they become the everyday. EV79 above is actually the 53B universal, filling in time with a half-lap on the 27. These universals and overtime were usually the limits of EV appearances. Also of note was GT70, having been pressed into service on the night of its delivery, ended up on a lap on the 27. GT62's recent appearance is more unusual in that it stayed out all day. One can only believe that it was forgotten about.

PClontarf's EV84 is seen on Beresford Place operating a 27 to Clare Hall having just departed Talbot Street on the 14th August 2011. EV84 was unusual in that it was allocated to a board on the 27, albeit an early morning Sunday workout not to return in the afternoon.

EVs on the 27 are further limited by Ringsend's restriction of their EVs, though unlike Clontarf Ringsend restrict the list of routes these can display. But with Ringsend protecting their EVs and GTs, a sizeable portion of their fleet is restricted to only a few routes. This should lead to them being used more widely, one would imagine, but it has yet to have occured. Clontarf's restriction, being confined to only one route, is more easily implemented.

Evening is setting on EV82 which passes Donnycarney Church on the 27 on the 16th October 2010.

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