2023 - Update 4:

Harristown's former Ringsend's Enviro400 EV7 is seen on an incredibly rear EV operated N4 departure on the Howth Road on the 23rd Janauary 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

EV operation on the N4 is exceptionally rare. This is definately the first time I came across it. The GT and SG allocation is very fixed, with the occassional PA helping out generally at night. And to be fair, Monday the 23rd Janaury was no different, being entirely SG and GT pull outs from the depot. However, EV7 was able to help out with the 10am departure from North Wall Avenue to Blanchardstown, with SG506 taking up the corresponding 1130 return from Blanchardstown to resume normal operation. EV7 had operated the 33D that morning.

EV7 during its Ringsend Days heading out to Blessington on the 65 seen on Camden Street on the 16th July 2016 (click on photo for larger version).

EV7 entered service in Ringsend in September 2007. It initially had a sheltered life (as had all of EV1-8) with its LED display modified from the norm such that it could only display Routes 1, 2 and 3. About 2 years later, the 74/A and 49/A were added, though appearances on these routes were initially irregular. And a year later, the 65/B were added. By 2016 and the photo above, the EVs were no longer limited and they moved around. EV7 was withdrawn from regular duties in Ringsend in November 2021. It returned from storage, entering service in Harristown on the 7th September 2022. This was my first time catching up with EV7 since it entered service in Harristown. These ex-Ringsend EVs are very much limited to peak-hour (predominantly half lap) duties, and except for the 40E and very occassionally the 27B, they don't see normal daytime service.

EV7 on its then usual haunt of a Route 3 departure to Belfield on Belfield Flyover on the 29th October 2010 (click on photo for larger version).

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