Photo of the Week - Week 44:

Summerhill's Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Volvo B9TL, EV38, operating a Route 16 departure to Ballinteer on O'Connell St on the 7th November 2010.

With the all the changes brought about by the cessation of historic route 10, Summerhill have acquired some EVs from Harristown. EV37-EV43 have been noted in service there, with more due for transfer. These will see off the last of the WV class midibuses. Though principally for Route 123, in the few days since their arrival they have been noted on the 20B, 33 and in this case the 16.

EV38 was a regular on the 27B for a lot of its time in Harristown, whereas some of the later EV40s which are due imminently into Summerhill were quite common on Route 41/41C Euro departures. EV38 is seen here on bus 12 on the 16. Bus 12 on the 16 was always associated with a very interesting allocation, though in that case the Monday-Friday Bus 12 as opposed to the Sunday one.

The 123 is the route to follow at the moment. Many different types of buses are operating the service, with RVs, WVs and of course EVs making up the batch. I suppose if one is very lucky a VG might also pop up, but I think it would be a minor miracle if WH1 was to be allocated. Still a really interesting allocation to a quite interesting route. EV39 is seen operating a route 123 departure to Kilnamanagh Road in St. James' Hospital on the 5th November 2010.

Summerhill's, ex-Harristown, EV39 is seen operating Route 123 in St. James' Hospital on the 5th November 2010, two days after the class entered service in Summerhill.

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