Photo of the Week - Week 45:

Summerhill's Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Volvo B9TL, EV44, is seen operating a Route 20B departure to Eden Quay on the 14th November 2010.

This is becoming somewhat of a pattern, 3 EVs in a row as image of the week. Acting like the proverbial bus, the EV class is dominating the pages of DublinbusStuff for the moment. There's nothing like a good fleet transfer to generate a bit of interest. This week is the turn of EV44, which has also appeared as an image of the week, in fact the 3rd ever Image of the Week right back at the start of the year.

The EVs have got around in Summerhill so far in their first few weeks, however EVs on the 20B have been a few laps early morning or at night. There has not been many during daylight hours. So with EV44 allocated today it was the perfect opportunity to go chasing.

The sun was truely horrible today, the angle this afternoon making Collins Avenue the only place where an offside would not be in shade. Collins Avenue, in the true definition of an avenue, is tree lined, and with added lampposts it was completely impossible to get the bus without some shade. With nobody at the stops, thus a moving shot, I'm quite happy. Also given I'd waited 30mins in the freezing cold I was not waiting for it to come back.

EV44 operated Bus 2 on the 20B, and is seen above on the 1230 departure ex Ardlea Road. The 20B is reasonably busy on a Sunday, but the reason for no one at the stops is the 1220 departure ex Ardlea Road which breaks the regular 3 bus 20min frequency. This bus starts at Ardlea Road at 1220 and does one and a half laps before pulling back into the garage. It used to operate the sole Sunday services on Route 20A, 1220 ex Donnycarney North, 1250 ex Eden Quay (noted incorrectly in the timetable as a 20B), and 1320 ex Donnycarney North. With the 42A's diversion via Donnycarney Church and Collins Avenue East from Sunday 13th June 1999, the 20As just became regular 20Bs, ramping up the frequency of the route for this short space of time.

Summerhill's, ex-Harristown, EV44 operating the 1200 ex Eden Quay 20B service is seen on Collins Avenue on the 14th November 2010. The LED is visible, but with the sun glaring the EVs front windscreen became a mirror such that a tree seems to be growing from the dashboard. Nice tree though.

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