Photo of the Week - Week 19:

Harristown's AV182 is seen at the Sillogue Road terminus of Route 221 on the last day of this route's operation, the 5th May 2012.

The shortest Dublin Bus route finishes, Route 221, from Shangan Road to Silogue Road. DublinbusStuff travelled out to Ballymun for the final day of operation. One of the most rediculous routes ever conceived, the 221 takes approximately 3mins to operate between termini, a route trip of about 6mins but with running time of 30mins. That said no one uses it, with it being blatently obvious that the service is not needed.

Route 221 began operation on the 3rd October 2011, the day after the merger of Routes 13/A,51B/C into new "Super Route" 13. This saw the 13s pulled out of their previous Sillogue and Shnagan loops, the home of the former Ballymun routes 36/A. Its strange to think that Sillogue, formerly served by the 36 on a near 10min frequency for many years is now without a bus service, while Shangan, formely served by the much less frequency 36A, retains a service, albeit the low frequency 220. That said Ballymun's redelevlopment has seen an end to the high density flat complexes in these areas that once justified this level of service. The flats behind AV182 above, are derelict and one of the last remaining examples.

AV182 is seen at the Shangan Road terminus of Route 221 on its last day of service, the 5th May 2012. The customer information notice on the stop heralds the end of the line for Route 221. The backdrop of further Ballymun regeneration shows an area in transition, especially in terms of its bus service.

Clontarf have been busy in the last week or so. Firstly the end of the 53A, noted by this site, heralded a new Route 53 with a consistent terminus at Dublin Ferryport. AV231 is shown below with the new display. Also, Route 104 was removed from the Edenmore, Donaghmede areas, with the return of the 27 to Clare Hall. Instead the 104 returns to Collins Avenue East, Kilmore Road then serving Skelly's Lane, Shantalla Road and Santry. This route retains the link between Santry and Beaumont, which would otherwise be lost when the 16 is extended to the Airport from next week.

Clontarf's AV231 is seen operating Route 53 to Dublin Ferryport on West Road on the 5th May 2012.

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Clontarf's AV239 is seen operating a Route 104 service to Clontarf on Shanliss Road having just departed its Shanard Road terminus on the 5th May 2012.

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