Photo of the Week - Week 25:

Eurobus have recently introduced this Citaro onto its Route 308 service to UL and Annacotty at the O'Connell's Bar Annacotty Stop on the 7th July 2013.

My relocation to Limerick hasn't really brought anything of interest in terms of Dublin's buses, hence only one Limerick photo has ever been uploaded and that was two years ago. That photo was of RH11, which can still be seen going around the city in the summer months. However, a few weeks ago, a former Dublin vehicle appeared on the Eurobus Route 308 service to Annacotty. This was QuickPark Citaro 07-KE-2610. I'm unsure if this has been acquired or is on loan, but either way the livery hasn't changed. This is somewhat confusing given it shares a lot of its routing with the Dublin Coach express service to Dublin. For the more eagle-eyed observers, it may also be recalled that this was the bus depicted in the CMNL QuickPark model bus.

Eurobus was founded in 2004 and shows how a private operator can run successful city services in the presence of competition of state companies, in this case Bus Eireann, something which has proven impossible in Dublin. They currently run two services to the Castletroy/Annacotty region. Services are reliable and seem to be well patronised. Though Eurobus recently withdrew their night bus service Route 309N to UL, Limerick's only night service, they have announced that a new daytime service will begin soon to augment their Annacotty service. I have ammended my map of Limerick services to include the Eurobus services which after the restructuring of Bus Eireann's services were given Route numbers 307 (City Centre to Cappavilla UL Student Accomodation via Groody Road) and Route 308 (City Centre - UL - Annacotty). The Route 308 number is apt in that before the review of Bus Eireann's services, Route 308 was the number used for the UL service.

Map of Limerick Bus Service. Larger version available here.

Another link between Eurobus and Dublin comes in the form of a stop on Route 307 at the Spar shop on Milford Road. A Dublin Bus head, and "Drivers must switch off Engine" sign are clearly visible, a strange sight for a Co. Limerick bus route. The bus stop number is 3058, which is the Ulverton Road (Hyde Road) stop. One can only presume that the roof of the stop needed replacing and that this one was available, with Adshell presumably managing both the Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus shelters. Either way, it made for a good photo. Its been like this for at least a year now, hopefully it lasts a bit longer, though one would imagine if Bus Eireann were ever to serve the road again it would soon disappear.

Eurobus Optare Solo is seen on Route 307 from Cappavilla UL Student Accomodation to the City on Milford Road, Castletroy, Co. Limerick at a Dublin Bus stop on the 7th July 2013.

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