Photo of the Week - Week 52:

Conyngham Road's newest bus, at least numerically, GT127, is seen at the Rathcoole terminus of Route 69 on the 27th December 2013.

Back at the start of the year, DublinBusStuff had a feature on Route 69X, which explained the terminus layout at Rathcoole (see here). It noted that the bus did a u-turn at the entrance gate to the school and the road into Rathlawns estate opposite. No sooner had this article been uploaded, and maybe just slightly before it was, the terminus arrangements were changed slightly with a brand new bus terminus with Kessel kerbing being added. The junction at the school entrance and Rathlawns estate is now a roundabout, making the u-turn manouever easier now.

GT127 is seen making its u-turn at the new roundabout at Rathlawns on the 27th December 2013.

A long shot of GT127 at the Rathcoole terminus of Route 69.

Note the pole just to the left of the Dublin Bus stop, closer to the camera, in the photo above. This is a Dualway stop for Routes 311 and 505 which also terminate at this location. The Kessel kerbing is quite significant, extending for the whole distance between the two entrances to Rathlawns. The most interesting feature of the new terminus is shown in the photo below. At this location there are two parallel Dublin Bus Stops. The inner one, closest to the railings, is the last outbound stop, stop number 5126. The one closest to the bus, is the first inbound stop, 4564. The stop locations have now been merged, it being both a setdown stop and a pickup stop, but interestingly both stops and stop numbers have been preserved. The inbound stop 4564 had previously been located on the opposite side of the road. In the photo below, it would have been situated just the other side of the roundabout on the opposite side of the road to the current inbound stop.

A nearside shot of GT127 showing the two parallel Dublin Bus Stops at the location.

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