Photo of the Week - Week 11:

Summerhill's AV63 after on its first outing operating a special Ghost Bus Tour on the 15th March 2014.

It has been away for a while but AV63 has returned to take its place as the latest Ghost Bus. It's clear that during this time a lot of attention has been paid to the details of the bus, and it has to be said that this bus is an incredible upgrade in terms of how the bus has been kitted out. As an enthusiast, I can't help think it's a pity that DF450 has been withdrawn and RH31 will follow suit, but AV63 is an incredible upgrade for paying customers, which is really what matters after all.

AV63 is seeing laying over near Christchurch Cathedral on Werburgh Street on the 15th March 2014.

For those who have tried the Ghost Bus tour before I would still recommend doing so again. The interior of the bus is an incredible upgrade, with an interior hall of horrors which snakes around downstairs and an upstairs layout which sees a podium behind the stairs for the actor, a much better location. Due to this location, nearly half of the seats upstairs face backwards, an excellent arrangement and something clearly considered. The audio system has been significantly upgraded from the previous generations and is managed by a modern, well known, "pad", and the actors headset is now wireless allowing everyone to be within "arm's reach".

The rear downstairs seat equipped with mannequin for photos. It's incredible how different the AV looks, almost unrecognisable. Unfortunately, the character is somewhat fitting for the back seat on some of Dublin's more "illustrious" routes.

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