2022 - Update 9:

Harristown's AX455 is seen operating Route 41X on Baggot Street Lower on the 30th May 2022, its first morning having returned to service (click on photo for larger version).

Harristown's new Route N4 significantly increased the PVR of the depot. It is a brand new route for the depot with no other service being replaced or modified by it. It also has a high PVR, namely 24 during Monday-Friday peak. In order to fill the gap, Harristown have returned previously stored AXs and EVs to service from the morning of the 30th May 2022, and have also obtained some SGs from other depots. This means that there are once again two depots operating AXs, with a total of 22 in active service, 10 in Summerhill (which recently returned AX581 and AX625 to service) and 12 in Harristown.

Harristown's AX456 newly pressed back into service is seen operating Route 33D on D'olier Street on the 30th May 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

The following is the list of fleet additions for Harristown in order to operate the new N4, albeit the AXs and EVs not for the N4 itself:

  • AX-Class: AX455, AX456, AX509, AX547, AX548, AX550, AX551, AX552, AX553, AX561, AX620, AX621.
  • EV-Class: EV65 and EV66 from storage, and EV73 from Summerhill.
  • SG-Class: SG3, SG11, SG84, SG85, SG262, SG263, SG264, SG265, SG340, SG361 and SG404.

  • Harristown's AX509 is seen operating Route 70 on Baggot Street on the 30th May 2022. VT47, itself also just returned to service in Phibsboro Depot, is seen in the background (click on photo for larger version).

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