2023 - Update 18:

Harristown's SG371, recently transferred from Broadstone, is seen operating Route 42D, also recently transferred from Broadstone, on Strand Road Portmarnock on the 29th May 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

On the 22nd May 2023, 10 universals moved from Broadstone to Harristown depot. 8 of these universals operate on the Navan Road routes, with Broadstone keeping only a few departures on this corridor. But the bigger news is that the DCU universals, Routes 42D and 70D, have also transferred to Harristown. Harristown had been the original depot for the DCU routes, 31D, 42D and 70D, from inception, but after being cancelled due to the Covid pandemic at the end of March 2020, they returned in September 2021 operated by Broadstone. SG371-SG380 have transferred along with the 10 unis from Broadstone and are often found on these recently transferred unis.

Harristown's GT130 is seen operating Route 70D on the Navan Road on the 2nd June 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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