2023 - Update 2:

Donnybrook's SG202 is seen operating Route 7A on O'Connell Bridge on the 7th January 2023 showing both the recruitment side advert and the "We are Hiring!" destination (click on photo for larger version).

The Bus Connects Plan requires a significant increase in vehicle numbers in Dublin. Therefore it also requires a significant increase in drivers. What heightens this need for extra staff has been the plan make the spines 24hr services. These are great initiatives but unfortunately this expansion in bus services has aligned itself with a strong period of full employment in Ireland, exacerbated by drivers also leaving the industry. In fact, Go Ahead Ireland have not been operating their full Monday-Friday service since July of this year, even though their service levels have not significantly increased above the original contracts awarded and implemented in 2018/2019, the N6 being the main exception which though more frequent is also a shorter route than the 17A it replaced.

Keeping the former Clontarf bus theme, Harristown's SG43 is seen on O'Connell Street operating Route 13 also showing the new destination display on the 7th January 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

The next phase of Bus Connects, the Southern Orbitals, will need a significant increase in staff for both Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead. Dublin Bus have really stepped up the advertising of their recruitment drive. Firstly, as shown on SG202 in the first image, there is a significant campaign on the t-side and rear adframes highlighting that Dublin Bus are hiring and how much you can earn driving their buses. Secondly the internal audio system has been updated to annouce occassionally that Dublin Bus are hiring and how to apply. The destination display for buses out of service was also updated to show "We are hiring!", a good use of the display as it is obvious the bus isn't in service with no route number, while also advertising the open roles.

Conyngham Road's SG451 not in service on Aston Quay on the 15th December 2022 displaying the "We are hiring!" display (click on photo for larger version).

The latest initiative, which seems to have launched on SG-class buses on Friday 6th January 2023, has been to get the destination display to alternate between the destination and a display saying "We are hiring!", the theme of today's update. Though, as an enthusiast, I appreciate anything new, replacing vital information such as the destination should be done with extreme care. Some routes do not have number variants for short services, or they may need to be manually selected, and therefore there is a chance you could get on to a curtailed service and not be aware of it.

Summerhill's SG605 is seen operating Route 16 on D'olier Street on the 7th January 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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