2023 - Update 24:

Summerhill's SG609 is seen operating a Clontarf-operated H2 departure from Malahide to Abbey Street on the 5th September 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

The allocations to the H-Spine are incredibly rigid. For Dublin Bus' smallest depot, which should make it least able to keep strict allocations, Clontarf has managed to keep almost completely dual-door TFI-liveried SG operation on the spine since its inception. EVs, and even GTs, are exceptionally rare, generally limited to late night runs being covered by a bus prioviously allocated to another route. With more TFI-liveried buses in Clontarf, expecially the few it has in the SG8x and SG9x series, the process has become easier but still difficult in a garage that has over 25% of its buses over 15-years old and single-doored. This week it received 4 buses from Donnybrook, SG3, SG15, SG16 and SG18 which should help, albeit these buses are elderly enough in their own right. All saw service in Clontarf for the first time on the 9th September, SG3 on the 42, SG18 on the 42 and 130, SG16 on the H2/H3, though was replaced by SG15. As for the title image of SG609, one would imagine it was taken by mistake on Abbey Street having been allocated to the 41s that day. It was quickly replaced, but another something different this week on a spine where nothing different generally happens.

Clontarf's SG15 is seen operating its first Clontarf departure since its transfer from Donnybrook on the H3 on the Howth Road on the 10th Sepetmber 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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