Photo of the Week - Week 46:

Phibsborough's RV636 is seen operating a Route 120 departure to Ashtown on Parnell Square East on the night of the 20th November 2010, its last night in service.

The 20th November marked a significant occurance as the first of the city's bus depots became fully low floor. Phibsborough garage withdrew the last of its RVs, RV636-640 being withdrawn after Saturday evening service. The reorganisation of the Lucan services, coupled with the loss of the 10 and 25s is no doubt the reason. Some may point to a technicality and observe that Broadstone was in fact low floor for some time, however it is very much connected to Phibsborough garage, in fact the company itself lists the vehicles stored there as part of Phibsborough's Allocation.

No doubt Clontarf will not be too far behind in the withdrawal of their remainging RVs, and the pattern will continue as the sweeping Network Direct implementation reduces the PVR (peak-vehicle-requirement) further. Dublinbusstuff braved the cold to get a few shots of the RVs on their last night in Phibsborough, the bleak winter evening providing a fitting stage for their demise.

Summerhill however is the garage of interest this month, as it again appears as part of the image of the week. I know I promised it wouldn't but one should never make promises one can't keep. Due to the reorganisation of the airport express services 747/748, VG47 and VG48 have become surplus to requirements, only being required as cover. They therefore have been stripped of the Airlink decals, but have remained in the Airlink livery to maintain continuity with the Airlink brand. They have been noted out and about for a couple of days now on the 16s, mostly the 16A.

Summerhill's Wright Gemini bodied Volvo B9TL, VG47, is seen operating Route 16A on O'Connell St on the 19th November 2010, sporting its revised Airlink branding.

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